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The UK EU Exit Referendum - BREXIT as it is now known [16 Nov 2017]

     Oh my! What a lot of time and money is being wasted - all those politicians, and technocrats, and lawyers and accountants, and lobbyists and media people and business strategists, and process modellers and and and ...

     Oh my! It all comes to more than 350 million pounds a week. And who would be mad enough to trust Boris the waffler now? Does he have any principles? He jumps ship faster than the proverbial rat!

     Does the UK Government have any idea what it is doing? Other than seeming to decide that jumping off the cliff is the simplest way to deal with the issues. It is clear now that Cameron made no preparations because he was sure of Remain.

     Have a look at the original post put up just after the referendum which pointed out how simplistic and dishonest the campaigns were - the Vote Leave campaign has even admitted it on the record!

     After all, Europe is about trade, yes, but is also about peace, culture, food and drink and union (like a trade union) - solidarity together to keep asset-stripping America, predatory China and Putin’s subversive Russia at bay.

     And Prime Minister ‘strong and stable’ May keeps says “The best deal for Britain”. What if the best deal for Britain is the one we currently have? And how can “No deal” be the best deal? It’s not a deal! All just madness.

     Show leadership, just cancel Article 50. Why? Because the ‘will of the people’ has proved to be unworkable. That is because around 40% of those eligible to vote, hardly a convincing majority, voted Leave (and many of them admit they didn’t know what they were voting for; see the ‘Populism, Fake News and Alternative Facts’ post).

Why unworkable? Because, like the people, all political parties are divided over Britain’s relationship with Europe (as Mark Mardell’s BBC Radio 4 ‘BREXIT: A love story?’ explains well). Stalemate and a bad deal are the consequences.

Come back here in four years time - we’ll still have EU liabilities - no doubt about it.

Enjoy the “We have left the EU Celebrations” in 2019 - they will be a meaningless sham!


Update, Jan 2019: Well, let’s see where we have got to then. This is how things have gone downhill:

  • A **better** deal for Britain (says Cameron in 2015 / 16)
  • Get the best deal (Theresa May in 2017) [Which would have to be better than that which we have now surely?]
  • This is a good deal (Theresa May in 2018) [ie, the best I can get with the ERG on my back; before the DUP knew]
  • The only deal I can get through Parliament ... [Where's the wider 'National Interest' there then?]
  • The deal that’s left ... [that all agree is a fudge, a Bad Deal, even though "No deal is better than a bad deal"? ...

PLEASE, politicians, don’t vote for it! It’s like accepting dry bread and water when we were promised a banquet.

We were told lies, Brexiteers believed and voted for them and, you know what, are going to get lies!

So Theresa May, when does perceived duty become delusion? What a Farage, sorry farago ...



[11 Jan 2019]