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Gandelow Basic Guide

Building a River Shannon Gandelow - A Basic Step-by-Step Guide

ISBN-13 Number: 978-0-9930784-0-8. RRP* in the UK 8.99GBP.

     The book is no longer available, but you can download a free 20-page summary copy here (PDF, 7 MB) containing Contents pages, the first page of each Chapter, the Index and front and back pages.

     The book is 90 pages long and contains over 80 colour photographs and more than 15 diagrams. Spiral bound. The book provides a basic step-by-step guide (without plans) describing how a 23-foot (7-metre) gandelow would be built.

     Owners of the book will need this list of corrections (PDF, 55kb) as a small number of errors have been noticed since publication. Please apply the corrections before using the Guide. Thank you.


  • Getting started (materials required, plans).
  • Making the strongback and boat floor.
  • Attaching stem, stern-post and transom.
  • Moulds, plank preparation, garboards and gorings.
  • Shaping, steaming and fitting the butterfly planks.
  • Scribe, shape and fit the sheer planks.
  • Fitting the knees (ribs).
  • Steaming and fitting the gunwales.
  • Fitting out, lockers, stringers, thwarts and paddles.
  • Caulking, preparing and painting.
  • Launching, trimming and rowing / sailing.





Gandelows at Hawley’s Quay, Limerick, 2014

* RRP = Recommended Retail Price. Also note that the ISBN-10 number is: 0993078400.

Photography credits: We apologise for the fact that the photograph on the frontispiece (of three people rowing a gandelow in Limerick) is credited incorrectly to Gary MacMahon. It should be credited to Sean Curtin, Irish photographer.

[As at 31 Jul 2023]