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Commenting on Matters of Public Interest - Past, Present and Future

     Some people notice things and some people don’t. There are those that say ‘Have you ever thought about why that happens?’ - pointing to something of interest. To which the usual response is ‘No. Why on earth would I? You really are odd, no one else thinks like that - have another beer!’.

     There are patterns of human behaviour, which on the face of it are inexplicable - eg, why do people crowd round the baggage belts at airports in a way that makes it more difficult for everybody? Why don’t they stand back?

     If these are the types of things you find yourself thinking then you will probably enjoy the Articles and Opinion pieces being collected on this site. If you don’t think that way now, well, maybe you will!


    [ In the process of being transferred from a number of posts, including from the ‘complexity demystified’ blog. ]


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