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Have BREXIT voters been conned?

Prime Minister Theresa May has said that "BREXIT means BREXIT".

Some people are already saying "... now that we have left the EU we can ...", but that's all wrong - we won't leave for years.

We'll know when we've really left when: and and ... not until then.

The UK has not left the EU yet - the negotiations have only just started.
Even though the 'Article 50' thing has been issued - there are years more of deal-making to follow (you can track BREXIT progress here).

So the UK may still be in the EU for 5 or even 10 years more. Surprised? Angry?

For example, did you expect that all those annoying EU rules and regulations would be scrapped overnight? Not so.
The UK is adopting most of them.

They'll still be annoying, but now they will be ours!

Did you know that pro-BREXIT politicians kept quiet about an EU Report produced in February 2016 (you can download it from here, or here).

The report says what the BREXIT procedures are for the UK to leave the EU - you won't like it ...

For example:
BREXIT is like a divorce Do you want to know why it's not going to be quick?

Think how slow and painful any divorce is.

Family, friends and relatives take sides.
Lawyers, accountants and social workers get involved.

BREXIT is no different. The UK made a contract with 26 other countries and 440 million other people.

Now that's one massive divorce to go through!

So, it might never happen.
The next election could vote in a pro-Remain government, or Boris Johnson and David Davies might lose their place in Parliament and so on. It could all just fade away.

Ask yourself. Have I been conned?

Well, if you listen to this on-the-record BBC interview with Arron Banks, the UKIP (and Donald Trump) advisor,
he says that you were deliberately 'tricked' into voting Leave.

You may have voted for BREXIT, but you didn't vote to say how it would happen, or when.

And you certainly didn't vote to say what the UK would be like after we leave!

Don't blame us if that's not what you wanted - some of us voted Remain.

Incidentally, have you wondered why Nigel Farage is called a 'man of the people'?
He praises 'ordinary people' but he's a stockbroker's son who went to an independent school and worked in the City - he's a 'toff' wouldn't you say?

Why is he still an MEP post-BREXIT (he's been drawing EU money since 1999), how long is he going to carry on taking our money?
He said the EU is undemocratic, so what's the point of him being there?

[29 Mar 2017]